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4 months ago

10 More Days To Go! Let’s get together!!



Dear participants, how is the #Haeck going for you so far? 

We are approaching the submissions end date on Dec 10th, so we wanted to propose you to meet next Friday to share experiences, hang out with other teams, solve doubts, receive some feedback or just to chill a bit together. It will be next friday Dec 4th at 17:00CET, as usual in

Meanwhile… Need help? Contact our team of haeckathon mentors right away! They are just one click away on our dedicated Discord channel

It’s still not too late to find team members for your amazing idea! Or join an existing team with your incredible Haecker super skills ;) 

Enter the #team-building and #project-ideas channels on Discord to expose your idea to the Haecker world and start getting feedback and support in real time! Basically, pimp my ride in a blockchain context :) 

No worries if you joined late for the party. You can still catch up with our extensive Youtube Playlist of all the Human DeFi Haeck Webinars! Even 10 days can be enough to build an awesome project or prototype with a good portion of dedication and hard work. Get started BUIDLing today!


“ See you” on Friday!! 


The HumanDefi Haeck Crew